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Re: Vreti sa fiti publicati pe nikonisti?

MesajScris: Mie Mar 04, 2020 1:26 pm
de Bogdan Dulgheru
Nu o mai poti sterge pentru ca a devenit, in momentul participarii la concurs, proprietatea Nikon Romania.
Citeste regulamentul concursului cu atentie ...

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MesajScris: Lun Mai 18, 2020 8:29 am
de mmoexpmlb
Osrs has bonds buy OSRS gold But you can not purchase xp such as on RS3. Anyways those folks buying bonds could have only bought it. I restarted RS3 on a primary and I got 1-89 DG from a week's event without doing a single DG floor. I possess 50 agility SOLELY out of mtx and 55 summoning without touching a charm or operating a lap. Everybody I login I get shit on by mtx supplies and it compels me away. It sucks knowing individuals irl can dump money to the runescape game and have all much easier and faster. It is no fair.

I've a couple 99 skills, about level 134 combat, and I cannot kill just like 90 percent of managers. I'm just not hardcore. Perhaps I'm a newb, that is fine. However, I have put in years to runescape sport and I still feel locked out from a massive majority of the articles because of very long pursuit lines in addition to a skill gap even for bosses I do have access to.I've recently switched to a different MMORPG I've been enjoying but I feel like RuneScape just was not available to me when I returned, despite my high level accounts.

I'm not searching to get'ez scape' but hell, even though I am doing a skill like Dungeoneering on my level 134 accounts and my buddy who's played for two months logs in to a combat level 40 account or something, with like 15 for many skills, he cannot open just like 90% of the doors and can not kill any of those monsters/bosses and he told me he feels just like him being there is totally useless. That's also how it feels for him outside dungeoneering just exploring the runescape game generally, he feels useless while we attempt to play with together.What I'm ultimately getting at here is that the material is targeted for those who have at least 5+ years with the runescape game. It is not very welcoming to new runescape players and THAT WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD TO A DECREASE IN runescape playerS when those who've been loyal stop.

I am on the fence with matters such as this. I whole heartedly OSRS Gold sense that effort reward. I'm the type of runescape player who will do well with ability rotations and switches, but most of the time that I can't be bothered and end up doing semi-afk revolution. On the other hand, I fully believe that those who are eager to get sweaty and switch just like mad men, should be rewarded with quicker kills, etc., the runescape game absolutely needs a system that works, is responsive and dependable, but exactly what I believe it requires above that, is a proper and in-depth tutorial to learning the runescape game and it's variety of mechanisms.

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Re: Vreti sa fiti publicati pe nikonisti?

MesajScris: Joi Sep 03, 2020 10:37 am
de travel52
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Re: Vreti sa fiti publicati pe nikonisti?

MesajScris: Lun Sep 28, 2020 9:24 am
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Re: Vreti sa fiti publicati pe nikonisti?

MesajScris: Sâm Ian 02, 2021 2:25 pm
de CynthiaAshley
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Re: Vreti sa fiti publicati pe nikonisti?

MesajScris: Mie Ian 20, 2021 10:50 pm
de Juan_Gonyea
Unfortunately, you will not be able to delete the photo, as at the time of your participation in the competition it was the property of Nikon Rumania. You should be familiar with the rules before entering this photo contest. If you have problems understanding the rules of various photo contests, I recommend simply uploading your photos to Instagram, contests are regularly held there, but participants in such contests remain the full owners of their photo works. I often see some kind of contests there and almost always they are held by accounts with at least 34 thousand subscribers! I am sure these numbers are the merit of the which the owners of such accounts use.