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Is tile cabinet worth doing

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Is tile cabinet worth doing

Mesajde Ben davis » Mar Apr 07, 2020 8:27 am

We believe that the first impression of ceramic tiles is used in the house paving and pasting. Now we are walking in the streets and lanes. The use of ceramic tiles can be said to be in all aspects, such as the use of tables and chairs, doors and houses, appreciation of works of art... Of course, it is still more used in the home industry. This question must have been asked by most people. Is tile cabinet worth doing?

How to choose full ceramic cabinet

1. All ceramic cabinet material selection
The ceramic tile that is directly used to make the cabinet is very particular in the selection of materials, such as the thickness and collocation of ceramic tiles. In the early stage, we should determine the size of ceramic tiles, design the pattern, design the overall framework, and bury the water and electricity pipes, or we will not achieve the effect you want.

2. Full tile cabinet size
Ceramic tile cabinets are also very picky about the size and floor height of the whole space. If the floor height is less than 2.7 meters and less than 7 square meters, zuhang ceramic tile cabinets are not recommended. They are generally used in Western kitchens.

3. All ceramic cabinet installation
Ceramic tile cupboard is to need ceramic tile to be dried thoroughly, rabbit iron nail is added in board, side adds board, basically be used to fix hinge. It should be noted that the water outlet, air pipe opening, sink and stove should also be provided with opening.

4. Tile plate No
Ceramic tiles should be numbered according to the sequence. It will take about 1 day to build them from the vertical plate to the table. It is recommended to press the sink at the end of the cabinet. The sink takes a long time to use, so do not put it in the passage.

5. Cabinet door selection
You can customize the cabinet door, but you must find a professional manufacturer, who needs to measure and install it on the door. If the door is made separately, it is calculated according to the square. Generally, it will be installed.

Advantages of ceramic cabinet

1. Firm and firm
As we all know, the ceramic tile cabinet is made of brick and reinforced cement as the frame. The surface is pasted with ceramic tiles, and then the cabinet door is installed, which determines its solid stability.

2. Low cost
From the cost point of view, ceramic cabinets are significantly lower than customized cabinets. On the market, there are thousands of customized cabinets, which are more expensive. But the ceramic tile cabinet, oneself seeks the master to do on the spot, the labor plus the material expense is also only one or two thousand, may say is much cheaper, the cost performance ratio is super high.

3. Environmental protection and pollution-free
The third advantage of ceramic tile cabinet is environmental protection and pollution-free. Most customized cabinets are made of composite wood, which contains a lot of formaldehyde. Solid wood cabinets are better, but they are very expensive. And ceramic tile ambry won't have formaldehyde perplexity, environmental protection does not have pollution, need not worry about to affect family health.
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