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menghina foto cu patina blit

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menghina foto cu patina blit

Mesajde superdaniel72 » Mar Dec 05, 2017 3:00 pm

E Type Swivel Flash Bracket Umbrella Holder + Hot Shoe Stand Mount for Camera
Product Description:
Can be applied to various flash, when the flash is connected, can directly connect to any lighting fixtures, convenient
photography enthusiasts using flash multi-faceted fill light when taking pictures
Lamp holder in reflective umbrella or soft light umbrella socket, and can adjust the flash back office degrees, 180 degrees of
the was made better use of flash lighting and lighting
A screw connection flash, can prevent the unstable flash connected to the lamp holder, safety coefficient increases
Do manual work is delicate, surface polishing treatment, the standard of silk mouth, support for multiple yuntai fast loading
plate screw, such as home credit, manfrotto, admiralty, connaught apply fast loading plate, etc.
High purity aluminum alloy, durable, small size easy to carry
Conversion, head of 3/8 and 1/4 screw applicable standards
1 X E Stand Bracket
5 bucati. 4 au fost doar probate. vin in cutie carton.MATERIAL DE FOARTE BUNA CALITATE!!!
Pret fix, nu deranjati inutil.
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