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Ditching the copyist mentality It’s pretty

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Ditching the copyist mentality It’s pretty

Mesajde Ansarulit11 » Sâm Noi 12, 2022 8:50 am

So the first step in clearing up the confusing definition of writer is identifying what the term is not: a writer is not a copyist. The next step is identifying what the term is: a writer is an author or freelance commercial writer. easy to tell if you are a copyist. You are not passionate about writing. If you were offered a new job in another industry, you would leave writing behind without a second thought. You accept all types of work-from-home jobs. The work-from-home aspect of writing is what draws you to the industry, and you also work in other kinds of work-from-home jobs. You don’t read for pleasure. You don’t regularly read books, magazines, or newspapers, and you don’t have any favorite blogs.

Your finish line is a word count. When you receive philippines photo editor a 500-word writing assignment, you write exactly 500 words. You are not proud of your writing. The thought of sharing your writing with loved ones never crosses your mind. You don’t write in your free time. You think writing is work, and if no one is paying for it, there is no reason to do it. You think your writing is good enough. You don’t spend any time working on improving your craft. You don’t seek out constructive feedback and you don’t make revisions. If you identified with one or more of these statements, it is quite possible that you are chasing the wrong career. Maybe you aren’t a writer after all. But don’t be discouraged if you identified yourself as a copyist if you truly want to be a writer.

It’s not impossible for copyists to become writers — it just means you need to change your mindset and embrace the role of author or commercial freelance writer. Embracing the role of author One of the best definitions of an author is “a person who starts or creates something (such as a plan or idea).” You are an author if: You have original thoughts, perspectives, and opinions you want to share. Your writing doesn’t always rely on reiterating ideas from others. You use your own knowledge and thoughts to create original content. You like to research and follow trends. To help you create your own thoughts, perspectives, and opinions, you are educated, engaged, and immersed in news that relates to your work.
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