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Maintenance: How To Care For Artificial Stone Tile Counterto

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Maintenance: How To Care For Artificial Stone Tile Counterto

Mesajde Adam Chen » Mar Apr 28, 2020 10:26 am

At present, most of the kitchen countertops in the family are made of, which will leave dirt and is very difficult to clean. Therefore, we should pay attention to the artificial stone tile countertop maintenance in our daily life, try not to let the water on the countertops, and keep dry after use, so that the sewage will not penetrate in, which can solve the problem of yellow marble

The oil stain shall be wiped in time. For the countertop with dirt, it is better not to use steel wire ball to wipe it hard, so it is easy to scratch the surface. We suggest spraying the oil stain remover on the countertop surface first, and then wiping it with towel after a while, so as to clean the oil stain in the near future,

For stubborn dirt, it is recommended to use toothpaste to smear it and then brush it lightly with an abandoned toothbrush. For those with serious dirt that affects the beauty, you can go to the hardware store and other grocery stores to buy the thinnest sandpaper and polish it with water, but remember to polish it gently in a small area, and spray a little wax water if the color is inconsistent after polishing

New countertop should pay more attention to daily cleaning, often use sponge or special kitchen mesa cleaning brush with detergent to scrub the best effect!
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