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How To Deal With The Leakage Of The Bathroom & Toilet?

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How To Deal With The Leakage Of The Bathroom & Toilet?

Mesajde Adam Chen » Lun Mai 25, 2020 11:34 am

Toilet is a very frequently used space in our home. Once the leakage of toilet often affects the normal life, what are the reasons for the leakage of toilet? What to do with leaking toilet? This guide details everything you need to know.

1.Causes for leaks in bathroom: water pipe
The first major cause of toilet leakage is often water pipe leakage. To check whether it is water pipe leakage, first close the control main water valve, then open the outlet of toilet until all the water in the pipes is drained. At this time, compare the movement of water meter just drained with that after drained for an hour. If there is movement, it is proved that it is water pipe leakage. At this time, you can cooperate with the water pipe to find out which section of the pipe leaks.

To solve the leakage of the toilet caused by the pipeline, the only way is to replace the pipeline. First of all, the wall of the water leakage point of the concealed water pipe needs to be chiseled to cut off the damaged pipe, replace it with a new pipe, and connect it with a hot-melt device. After the connection, the pipe groove should also be waterproof, and finally the wall should be restored.

2.Causes for leaks in bathroom: waterproof layer
The second major cause of toilet water leakage is the aging and damage of toilet waterproof layer, and the loss of waterproof capacity leads to toilet water leakage. To check whether the water leakage caused by the waterproof layer needs the cooperation of the downstairs residents, first seal each water outlet with sealed materials, then store water on the toilet floor, and drain the water in the water inlet pipe for closed water test. If water immersion is observed downstairs a few hours later, it is the problem of waterproof layer.

As the waterproof layer is laid under the floor tile and backfill layer, the toilet leakage caused by the waterproof layer is very troublesome to deal with. In fact, the waterproof way of injection is often unable to find the location where the waterproof layer is damaged. The best way to completely solve this problem is to excavate the tile and backfill layer, remove the old waterproof layer and make waterproof again.
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