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MMOexp: Storm Blade to be fair should have been on the top l

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MMOexp: Storm Blade to be fair should have been on the top l

Mesajde AventurineLe » Mar Mai 14, 2024 9:12 am

10 - Storm Blade (B Tier)

Storm Blade to be fair should have been on the top list of Elden Ring Runes Ash of War after patch 1.07. Buffed in that patch, it now costs less FP, it's got better range, it's a spammable Ash of War, it's got damage detection on the weapon part, so that means that melee range you can hit with your weapon at the same time. It's around a solid 400 damage range attack, or up to 7 or 800 when hit with a weapon at close range as well. So this is great utility in both PVE and PVP much like the Beast Raw, but unlike the Beast's Roar it's not buffable in an easy way using say a Talisman like the Roar Medallion, so its output isn't as good technically, but it's a competitive option against the Beast's Roar if you're not wanting to use that for any reason. Basically if you're using the Roar Medallion, you should be using the Beast's Roar, but if not Storm Blade is probably the better option becauseit's so fast and the damage is so reliable.

11 - Prayerful Strike (B Tier)

Prayerful Strike also should have really been in the list since the last patch, where it was buff, it improved its power and raise its Poise damage for trading staggering bosses and enemies in general. It works really well in unison with a mimic tier because you've just got the stupid lifestyle of constantly spamming it and staggering enemies. Simply blindly spamming it over and over, striking bosses in PVE. The thing is in PvP, it's not the most insane or effective Ash of War at that the heel isn't as impactful when you're only getting like one hit of it off, the damage isn't insane there either. It's much more relevant PVE in boss fights and the open world, so basically because it's strong in Elden Ring Runes for sale PVE and not that amazing in PvP, we put it in B rating.
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