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Raised Floor Square Brush Grommet

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Raised Floor Square Brush Grommet

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Supports increasing cabinet density and improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
Increases existing cooling unit capacity and reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units,also decreases humidity control expense
Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves volume of conditioned air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates
Compliance with best practices for all raised floor cooling configurations (Hot and Cold Aisle, Hot Aisle Containment, Cold Aisle Containment)
Simple, installation saves time and labor and requires no downtime. Round grommets enable hole saw installation which reduces cutting time by over 50%
Durable Grommet Brush sealing surface can be used for years
The surface brush raised floor grommet and split integral raised floor grommet provided by are belong to raised floor brush grommet, which is a square grommet equipped with brush strips to enable tiny cables to pass through the floors and fix wires at t
he desired position. The split integral grommet is cut in half.
1.Prevents the loss of cold air through cable opening in access floor tiles
2.Easy installation in new tile cuts or over existing holes.
3.Forms a tight air seal around cables
4.Durable sealing materials will not break, stretch,tear or deform from repeated use.
5.Four types avaiable.
-Integral Gromments for new installations
-Surface-Mount Grommets to cover existing holes
-Extended brush grommets to cover large narrow opeings.
-Square Brush grommets or Round brush grommet openings.
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