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Runescape can support various different languages

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Runescape can support various different languages

Mesajde Molianalex » Mar Sep 29, 2020 8:04 am

I believe something we have been very true to RS gold throughout is that we have two separate games; a free game along with a members' game. For your most ardent lovers, membership is the only option, but for those not paying we want to be sure people have access to some self-sustained game, not a demonstration. I had discovered that 60 percent of Runescape was for members only. We look at the whole game for a world. A mass the size of the Americas is free, but of course there are other continents available for members only. The free-to-play match has 25 quests, the members' variant has 150. So yes it is considerably bigger from that aspect.

How is your strategy to enlarge to consoles progressing? Before we talked to different platform holders we did some research ourselves to see whether our propositions can theoretically function -- which obviously saves a good deal of time. We have working proof of theories on some of our goods, and different pieces of our matches on various systems. Which one we go with is another question entirely; do we put that MMO on this console, do we place all of them on another -- these are all questions that we have to think about.

We're a games studio and technology firm above all else. We do a load of R&D, and the challenge for us if we can write a software package that would take our code and then output it to a C# version for your 360, Wii and PS3.

Runescape can support various different languages

This was in fact one of my first primary aims when connecting Jagex, and we discovered that the response was yes, we could put our code on consoles. Making it technically possible is 1 thing, but just how do the platform holders look at the free-to-play model? Well, that's a really good point, because that's where we're facing challenges at this time and these are the topics of discussion we are having with platform holders. My aim is that there will be a completely free game on all the consoles out there, where we maintain the current free-to-play model. I believe that is the place where the business should proceed, but I don't think that's where they need it to proceed, given that everything which goes on WiiWare, PSN and XBLA comes with a price tag on it in some kind.

Therefore I believe the free-to-play matches will most likely be billed at a nominal fee, and that means that you pay to download it if you want, pay to get the premium version of the game. That's the thinking at the moment, though things are extremely much up in the air. But of cheap OSRS gold course, my preference is going to be to lobby those companies, to tell them they need to catch up with the current tastes and provide free games if you want to compete in this area.
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